Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dinner Event

Our last projects this year would be to create convivial moment every two months where people will discover another country, its traditions, its culture, its business values. The goal will be to create an exchange with others countries of the world and to offers to the people interested this access to this country in an evening. But also via this “dinner event” we would like to develop others topic and create dinner-debate where the young entrepreneurs will meet businesses, professional sharing with them their experience, providing them training and developing networking. We would like create cooperation with others local business network like Linkedin, the HubPraha… to develop this Dinner-event.
One of our first dinner-event will be an Indian Movie Night to start this simmer, one of our members is originally from India, she would like to profit from her origin to showing Bollywood (New Hollywood of the world) and the color of the Indian Culture, the event will be held by the end of July, it will be open or people interested passionate and curious about the Indian Culture.

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