Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dinner Event

Our last projects this year would be to create convivial moment every two months where people will discover another country, its traditions, its culture, its business values. The goal will be to create an exchange with others countries of the world and to offers to the people interested this access to this country in an evening. But also via this “dinner event” we would like to develop others topic and create dinner-debate where the young entrepreneurs will meet businesses, professional sharing with them their experience, providing them training and developing networking. We would like create cooperation with others local business network like Linkedin, the HubPraha… to develop this Dinner-event.
One of our first dinner-event will be an Indian Movie Night to start this simmer, one of our members is originally from India, she would like to profit from her origin to showing Bollywood (New Hollywood of the world) and the color of the Indian Culture, the event will be held by the end of July, it will be open or people interested passionate and curious about the Indian Culture.

World Trade Game

This commission sets as main objective to raise awareness on the impact of the world trade globally, on the international peace and security, especially in the nowadays economic and politi cal context.
The concept of this game follows the same patterns of the World Trade Organization and it observes its functions and mechanisms providing a better understanding of the global trade and commerce in a very interactive and creative way.
The game is targeted to attract the involvement of students and professionals, establishing a network of people with similar interests and promoting leadership skills.
Structured similarly to the global trade system with its main financial, economic and international organization, the game emphasizes the role of the great economic powers and their impact on the developing and emerging economies as well as the third world countries. All participants are granted the chance to take the roles of world leaders, UN members, main bank and financial organizations during this fun simulation of world trade.
The game is estimated to take place in September and we are looking forward to seeing all the future leaders getting involved!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JCI ButNet

JCI ButNet campaign has been launched in cooperation with United Nations to take action against Malaria. The goal is to collect partnership and collect money to buy insecticide.

On May, 30th to the 2nd of June, 2010 we profited to the venue of
John Di Rico, VP International from JCE Pays Niçois who is doing a round the world trip providing software training for translators in more than 25 countries and raising money for the JCI bednets project to fight against malaria and save lives.

One way he is raising money is by couch surfing... That's 3 bednets and the occasion to meet, talk about what we are doing in our respective chapters, businesses, etc
You can find out more about my project on his website: and some other info about him on his translation website:
We organized an informal meeting of translators on May 31, 2010 at Pizzeria Felicita. We were talking about CSR: (With over 300,000 registered freelancers,'s database of translation service providers is the world's largest).

We discovered that around 70 000 of Czech citizens got the license to be translators, with one of a founder of a community Powwow in Czech Republic (community for independent translators), Pavel Janoušek we were discussing how can we cooperate and offer this possibility to this community of translators to develop and appreciate entrepreneurship.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Session JCI Coffee Meeting

you are interested to discover the first federation of worldwide Leaders, you want to know more about our organization, how we are running from the local to the international.

I am pleased to invite you for our coffee meeting, please choose the suitable date and return your participation by email to in advance the place are limited for 4-5 people.

The session will be on:
Wednesday the 14th of July 2010 at 19H00 to Coffee Heaven Na Musteku, Praha 1

Wednesday the 21st of July 2010 at 19H00 to Coffee Heaven, Na Prikope 3-5, Praha 1

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cooperation 4 NGOs

Maturita a co potom (The maturity and after?) an important moment in the life of one student, the moment for him to think about his/her future career but also to see the opportunities in her/his environment, what activities can he/she benefits from?

In the world via the entire Network, there are 4 Organization who can provide opportunities to the young people international experience and development of leadership by their complementarities. In Prague these launched the challenge to cooperate together, to use their resources and complementarities to offer to the young students of the country to discover involvement in associative world and also profit from training for their personal development.

These four networks are: Junior Achievement is the oldest and largest non-profit educational organization in the world. AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. ERASMUS enables higher education students, teachers and institutions in 31 European countries to study for part of their degree in another country. And to finish Junior Chamber International the worldwide federation of young leaders aged between 18 and 40 years old.

These four organization organized on February 4th, 2010 a workshop with in first part the presentation of the University of Economy of Prague, testimony of Entrepreneurs and Businessman who had experience in associative life to aware them about volunteer ship like Heinrich Homola, previous CEO in Vitana, currently freelancer in the company Systemic coach for executives.

And second part, the students were separate in different workshop with different training like “How to sell a project?” provided by our organization with the goal to be able to use basic technical sales to sell a project. This training develops method that can be used in associative life and also at work. These methods are well known by good sellers and they control them perfectly.

This event was the beginning of the long cooperation between our 4 organizations; it was a success with 80 students and 16 teachers from all Czech Republic who attend and was curious to learn about our network.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keys to the SME's Sucess

JCI Praha was established to help networking among entrepreneurs, SMEs’ owners, individuals willing to establish companies, state authorities, academia and business service providers. Every business is about synergies, so by encouraging companies we help individuals who work there as well as their business partners and this approach might be the most effective solution to the crisis.

On November 28th, 2009, JCI Praha made its first Conference “Keys to the Sme’s Success at the University of Economy of Prague.
This conference was created in order to show maximum opportunities to SMEs on how they can cope with the economic crisis using 360° view namely managing corporate finance, adaptation of business planning & strategy, communication, marketing.
In this event around 50 attendees met, learnt and exchange about the evolution of the crisis with 8 companies providing speeches all the day. An opportunity to learn how to get investment in Czech Republic, How to developed a business and the conditions to start, saw how the crisis affect the companies and what is developed by Management department work to improve the communication and motivate its employees.

This conference was for all the public mixed between expatriate and young local entrepreneurs, they were able to meet company like PIC Europe, investment societies developed by Barry J Evans implanted for to 12 years in Prague who showed the investment opportunities and gave strategies used.
But also JCI Praha developed a special partnership with EEN CR - Technology Centrum (Technologické centrum Akademie věd). This company is involved with helping people by providing various information about different expertise ranging from information and advisory services about EU Framework program to technology transfer.
To finish attendees discovered new initiative and new entrepreneurs from Czech Republic like the concept of the Hub (is a work and social space where you can share your office, make your plans a reality, meet people or just work undisturbed), developed in London, Berlin, in 20 cities of the world which started this year in Prague by young local entrepreneurs.
It was a special day to network and discuss about entrepreneurship and an opportunity for JCI Praha and its team to show the by the way of our initiative our willpower to promote entrepreneurship and active citizenship.